The Ribbon Tallit Peace

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The Ribbon Talis Peace 

Ribbon Tallis. 100% Lamb wool. Bracha on atarah. Peace design. Available in different colors.

Custom Tzitzits available also.

talllit is a rectangular piece of clothing with its four corners strung and tied with tufts called tzittzit. Jewish men wear the tallit throughout request to God in the synagogue each morning. Mishkan T'chelet additionally makes the unique petition to God shawl called tallit katan that is  worn consistently and every day to satisfy the mitzvah of tzitzit each waking moment. 
The tallit is customarily made of immaculate lambswool, in light of the fact that, as per the Shulchan Aruch,all cloth articles of clothing oblige edges as indicated by the Torah. The Chachamim force appending tzitzit garments made of other regular cloth as an outcome of Torah Law. As per a few feelings, rabbinic announcement extends the prerequisite for tzitzit to engineered material notwithstanding, tallitot have long been woven from acrylic and silk strings and all powers permit/request that they be decorated with tzitzit.

Please note: when adding special features to the Tallit, customization is made, custom products are created just for you therefore we cannot accept returns or refund.