Shofar Complete Package - Paquete Completo del Shofar

$1,450.00 $888.00

Shofar Yemenite Complete Package 

Paquete Completo del Shofar

Shofar Yemenite Package Kit consists of: Shofar Paquete Consiste de lo siguiente:

1- Shofar Yemenite  JUMBO XL 42"~ 44" 

1- Shofar Ram's Horn/  Cuerno de Carnero 15"-17" (Cuerno de Carnero)

1- Anointing Oil Frankincense & Myrrh / Aceite de Ungir con Frankincense Myrrha 

1- Shofar Mouthpiece Fine Tuned / Boquilla Modificada 

1- Shofar Funda Bolsa (Velvet Carrying Bag )

1- Tallit 24"x72" Manto de Rezo(Tallit)

1- Shofar Neutralizing Spray 2 oz.( Contra Mal Olores)

1- Shofar 101 Instruccion de como tocar el Shofar (How to playThe Shofar)

1- Shofar Rezo del Shofar (Berachot Prayer Blessing )

1- 12 Razones por el cual tocamos el Shofar (12 Reasons why we sound The Shofar on Rosh Hashanah)

1- The Shofar DVD or en Español Audio 45 min.

1- The Tallit DVD  or en Español Audio 45 min.

1- Shofar Literature with all verses/  todos los versiculos donde se encuentra mencionado el Shofar (Trompeta)

1- Toalla para Pulir (Shofar Polishing Cloth) 

2- Mezuzah

TOTAL:  $889.00

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* Not Availabe to all areas.. No disponible a todos lugares.


Special care has been taken by our expert of the shofar to ensure that you are getting a good shofar. Any imperfections caused by nature is not our responsibility should there be scratches, worm holes or dis-layering cracks our Shofar expert will do his best to smooth repair the affected area. This will not in any way affect the sound quality of the Shofar.  Due to hygienic reasons we are not allowed by law to have a shofar returned to us unless an extenuating circumstance has occurred during transit of which is generally covered by shipping insurance.